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Created  in  2011  by  Romain  Lanos,  Ph.D  in  physics  and  naval  architect,  Streamline  is  offering  services  of  yacht design  and  engineering  and  assists  yacht  designers,  engineers,  racing  teams  and  sailors  along  the  design  and  optimization  process  of  their  yacht. 

From  its  creation,  Streamline  has  been  collaborating  with  prestigious  actors  of  the  yacht  racing  world  enforcing  innovative  solutions  and  assisting  them  in  their  constant  quest  for  performance. 

Beyond  the  yacht  racing  field,  Streamline  offers  its  competences  and  tools  to  every  project  looking  for  performance  in  an  innovative  way. As  Research  and  Development  represent  a  major  part  of  its  DNA,  Streamline  has  built strong  relationship  with  majors  academic  partners  and  its  expertise  has  been  officially recognized  by  the  French  government  through  the  labels Jeune  Entreprise  Innovante and  Crédit  Impot  Recherche. Since 2018, STREAMLINE is one of the start-up included in the Incubator of the Alliance Centrale-Audencia-ENSAN


Romain LANOS, CEO, since 2011

STUDIES :  DPEA Naval – ENSA Nantes, PhD – INRS (Canada)

EXPERIENCE : At the end of an university degree in physics, Romain LANOS obtained a Ph.D. in Ocean Hydrodynamics at the National Institute of Scientific Research (INRS, Quebec, Canada). Upon his return to France, he completed his training by integrating the DPEA Naval Architecture of The Nantes School of Architecture (ENSA-Nantes). In 2009, he joined Franck CAMMAS as a full-time member of the GROUPAMA team’s design office and took part in the Groupama 3, Groupama 4, Groupama-C and Groupama Team France adventures before leaving the team in 2016.
Within the team, Romain plays a general management role and actively participates in the management of projects. His areas of interest are the design and implementation of Prediction and Performance Analysis (VPP) tools and Hydrodynamic Simulation (CFD).
Along his activity at STREAMLINE, he holds a part-time teaching position at the Naval DPEA of ENSA-Nantes where he shares his passion for performance prediction and naval hydrodynamics. He is also a measurer ORC International.

Jean-Baptiste METIVIER, R&D and Project Engineer since 2017

STUDIES : DPEA Naval – ENSA Nantes, Engineer – ISMEP/SUPMECA

EXPERIENCE : Mechanical engineer graduated from ISMEP / SUPMECA, Jean-Baptiste METIVIER has completed his  training at the Ecole de Technologie Supérieure in Montreal (Canada) where he specializes in CAD and finite element numerical analysis. After several years of engineering career, particularly in the automotive industry, he joined The Nantes School of Architecture to follow the teachings of DPEA Naval Architecture.
In 2017, he joined STREAMLINE and participates in SODEBO and TOWT projects in particular. As part of the team, he is in charge of the realization of high fidelity digital simulations (CFD) using the FINETM/Marine  solver and carries out VPP studies. He also participates in STREAMLINE’s R & D projects.

Patrick PLOE, Head of R&D, since 2013

STUDIES : EMSHIP- Advanced Ship Design, DPEA Naval – ENSA Nantes, PhD –  Ecole Centrale de Nantes

EXPERIENCE : In 2005, Patrick PLOE obtained a master’s degree in physics and materials engineering during which he specialized in the field of composite materials. With this diploma, he worked for several years for shipbuilding projects as a process engineer. In 2009, he joined the DPEA Naval Architecture of The Nantes School of Architecture (ENSA – Nantes). He completed this training with a European Master « Advanced Ship Design » which lead him to deepen his understanding of ships in the universities of Liège and Genoa as well as at the Ecole Centrale de Nantes.
After having worked for various construction projects in the naval and aeronautical fields, he joined STREAMLINE in 2013 to carry out a thesis on the hydrodynamic optimization of hydrofoil geometries in collaboration with the Ecole Centrale de Nantes.
Within the team, he is in charge of the management of R & D projects and participates in the development of digital tools.

Antoine CONNAN, R&D and Project Engineer, since 2018

STUDIES : Engineer, Ecole Centrale de Nantes

EXPERIENCE : After completing an engineering degree at the Ecole Centrale de Nantes, where he specialized in structural mechanics and hydrodynamics, Antoine CONNAN joined STREAMLINE in 2018.
With his experience in R & D acquired from teams of design offices GSEA Design and STRUCTeam Ltd during his gap year, he worked on the development of STREAMLINE tools and is in charge of the SailDATA project.
In parallel with his engineering career, he keeps an intensive sailing practice and participates in national and international competitions.

Brendan CROIZER, R&D and Project Engineer, since 2015

STUDIES : DPEA Naval – ENSA Nantes, Engineer Ecole Centrale de Nantes

EXPERIENCE : After a degree in physics and mechanics followed at the Université de Bretagne and the Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Brendan CROIZER joined in 2014 the DPEA Naval Architecture of The Nantes School of Architecture to specialize in the Naval sector. At the end of this training, he joined STREAMLINE in 2015 and participates in the Groupama-C and TEAM FRANCE projects within the design office of Franck CAMMAS’ team.
As specialist in numerical methods, he is involved in most of STREAMLINE’s R & D projects. In the context of studies conducted for clients, he is mainly involved in the production of data using FoilWIZARD tools and participates in the implementation of VPP tools for predicting performance.

Marion DAMERS, Communication Manager, since 2018

STUDIES : PGE – Audencia Business School

EXPERIENCE : After two years of preparatory classes to enter top French Business School, Marion DAMERS intergrated Audencia Business School with an option in Digital Marketing. In 2018, she joined STREAMLINE as a communication manager and participates to the the firm’s communication strategy . 

Within the team, she is in charge of the development of the Website and the social network management.